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The Twins

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Two of the Lost Boys are Twins, commonly known as First Twin and Second Twin. They know little about themselves; they aren't allowed to, because Peter Pan doesn't know what Twins are, and no Lost Boy is allowed to know anything that Peter doesn't. They stay close together "in an apologetic sort of way".

In the Disney film, the Twins wear matching raccoon costumes, and are both voiced by Jonny McGovern.

In Peter Pan and the Pirates, the Twins ironically look nothing like each other, but both wear leopard hats. Each finishes the other's sentences, except when they have a falling out with each other, and the Underground House goes into turmoil until they are reconciled. They are voiced by Aaron Lohr (the taller one) and Michael Bacall (the shorter one).

In the 2003 P. J. Hogan film, they are played by Patrick and Lachlan Gooch.

In Peter Pan in Scarlet the Twins grow up to work in an office, and their real names are said to be Marmaduke and Binky.

Hook Twins

Brian and Brett Willis as twins Sooner and Later in Hook
Brian and Brett Willis as twins Sooner and Later in Hook

In the film Hook, a pair of twins in 1920s Boy Scout uniforms are seen in several scenes. They are played by Brian and Brett Willis. Although they are not named in the film or its credits, according to a publicity article in the Scouts' magazine Boys' Life at the time, the characters were named Sooner and Later.

Other twins

In the 1989 novel Neverland, in addition to a quartet of new Lost Boys there is (presumably) another set of unnamed twins; you'd think that nannies would find two boys more difficult to lose than this.

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