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Tootles is one of the Lost Boys, appearing in almost all Peter Pan related material. He is described as the most humble of the lost boys because of his terrible luck with adventures: as soon as Tootles goes away to complete a chore or somesuch, bloody battles and thrilling adventures take place. Because of this he has become accepting of his lot in life, and is much sweeter for it. He is the one who shoots Wendy Darling with a bow and arrow after Tinker Bell tells them Wendy is a bird, and convinces them that killing her would bring great favor with Peter, and when the mistake is discovered he invites Peter to kill him. However, since Wendy survives, Tootles is spared. Though he is titled clumsy and silly, Tootles is the first to defend Wendy when she wants to return to London. When Peter takes possession of The Jolly Roger, Tootles takes Smee's place as boatswain. At the end of the novel he returns to London with Wendy and the other Lost Boys and eventually grows up to become a judge.

One one version of the play (while Barrie was still revising it), Tootles and Wendy get married.

His character is largely minimized in the 1953 Disney film, even more so than the other Lost Boys, as he has no lines of dialogue. He wears a skunk suit in this film and its sequel Return to Never Land. In Peter Pan and the Pirates he wears a Panda cap.

In the film Hook, Tootles appears as an old man living in Wendy's house; because she can't bear to put him in an institution. He has become senile with age, and wanders around saying that he's lost his marbles, which Peter Banning jokingly agrees with. Near the end of the film, as Peter is preparing to leave for London, the Lost Boys give him a small bag containing... Tootle's marbles, which he had literally lost, in Neverland. Early in the film, Tootles is the first to recognize the presence of Captain Hook at the house, and he's the only witness to Jack and Maggie's abduction. In the end, when Tootles receives his marbles from Peter, he finds some pixie dust in the bag, which he uses to return to Neverland.

For returning to Neverland in Peter Pan in Scarlet, Tootles only has daughters to borrow clothes from, so he turns into a girl and spends most of the book playing princess and dreaming about marrying Peter Pan.

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