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TV series based on Peter Pan

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There have been three TV shows based on Peter Pan.

  • Peter Pan no Bōken ("Adventures of Peter Pan", also romanized as "Pîtâ Pan no Bôken") by Nippon Animation (1989), an unauthorized anime television series. Produced as part of Nippon's World Masterpiece Theater series, the first 23 episodes are a loose adaptation of Barrie's story, while the latter half introduces a completely original arc with new supporting characters.[1]
  • Peter Pan and the Pirates on Fox Kids (1990), an animated TV series based on Barrie's novel, presenting the Darling children's other adventures in the Neverland during their stay. The series also focuses on significant development of the pirates as less one-dimensional characters. Voice talents in the cast included Jason Marsden as Peter and Tim Curry as "Captain James T. Hook"; Curry won an Emmy for it.[2]
  • The New Adventures of Peter Pan (2011), an animated TV series set in the present, produced by DQ Entertainment of India, featuring Peter, "Tinkerbell", Hook, with a new girl named Wendy.

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