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Pirates are recurring villains in the stories of Peter Pan, most notably Captain Hook.

Pirates figured into J. M. Barrie's early play adventures with the Llewelyn Davies boys, as documented in The Boy Castaways of Black Lake Island. They were a popular subject of the day, especially with boys.

Disney's pirates
Disney's pirates

In Disney's film, only two of the pirates are presented with any personality: Hook and Smee. The rest are just a cast of interchangeable ill-shaven, menacing-looking men, who mostly act as comic relief in song-and-dance sequences.

  • Starkey First mate on the Jolly Roger, also called "Gentleman Starkey" because of his impeccable manners.
  • Ed Teynte Hook's quartermaster. First pirate to be killed by Peter in the final battle.
  • Bill Jukes Used to be on the Walrus under Flint, and is heavily tattooed. Second pirate to be killed by Peter in the final battle. In Fox's animated series, he was instead a teenaged boy from India named Billy Jukes, an inventive lad who was the ship's gunner, responsible for maintaining "Long Tom", a cannon stylized to resemble a white tiger.
  • Cecco A very handsome man of Italian descent. Said to have cut his name in letters of blood on the back of the governor of the prison at Gao. Third pirate to be killed by Peter in the final battle.
  • Cookson Said to be Black Murphy's brother, though this was never proven. One of the pirates in the Fox animated series, he was portrayed as the ship's (extremely bad) cook, given the first name Eucrates and was apparently of Greek origin, as he spoke with a very thick accent.
  • Noodler Not much is known about him, except for the fact that his hands are fixed on backwards.
  • Skylights (Morgan's Skylights) Appears only briefly in the book, immediately being killed by Hook for accidentally bumping against him and ruffling his lace collar.
  • William Slank An evil man who was second in command on the ship "Never Land".
  • Alf Mason J.M. Barrie briefly mentions Alf Mason, but the 2003 film describes him as a man so ugly his own mother sold him for a bottle of Muscat. However, in Peter and the Starcatchers, Alf is a not a pirate serving Hook but is a sailor who befriends Peter, James, Tubby Ted, Prentiss and Thomas. Alf later dies during Hook's attack on the Indians. In Peter Pan & The Pirates, Alf Mason was the ship's carpenter and general strongman.
  • Black Pirate J.M. Barrie only states that he is gigantic and has had many names that still terrify children on the banks of the Guadjo-mo.
  • Robert Mullins The last pirate killed by Peter before his duel with Hook. In the animated series, Robert Mullins was the last of the crew of Captain Hook, a superstitious American who hailed from Brooklyn and was something of a father figure to Billy Jukes.
  • George Scourie One of the pirates killed in the battle with the Indians.
  • Foggerty An Alsatian, the fourth pirate to die in the battle.

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