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Peter Pan no Bōken

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Japanese poster cover
Japanese poster cover

ピーターパンの冒険 or Peter Pan no Bōken (Adventures of Peter Pan) is an anime series by Nippon Animation, and directed by Takashi Nakamura and Yoshio Kuroda, which first aired in Japan on the Fuji TV network between January 8, 1989 and December 24, 1989. It spanned a total of 41 episodes.

It was part of the World Masterpiece Theater, a famed animation staple by Nippon Animation, which produced an animated version of a different classical book or story each year. The anime, while adapting material from the original novel, also adds numerous original story arcs.

Preview summaries character designs and pictures of the Peter Pan were released in magazines to promote the series. The character designs were slightly different then when the series aired. The story summary had a plot of Peter Pan and his friends stealing a treasure map from the pirates and went on a journey to find it.

The series was also later translated and released in several international audiences worldwide, including numerous countries in Europe, South Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.



The anime starts with Wendy having a dream about Peter Pan rescuing her and having a sword fight with Captain Hook. Wendy and her two brothers later on the episode go to Never Never land and Wendy becomes the 'mother' of the Lost boys. Throughout the series a romance blooms between Peter and Wendy as they go on fights with pirates . The last half of the series go to a different direction then the original story line and also introduce a new character ( Princess Luna ) who becomes an important part of the last episodes.


Peter Pan and friends
Peter Pan and friends


  • Peter Pan - The hero of the series.
  • Wendy Darling - The oldest of three siblings who flies away to Neverland with Peter.
  • John Darling - Wendy's young brother who is always getting into some kind of trouble.
  • Michael Darling - Wendy's youngest brother who shows a great deal of courage for his age.
  • Tiger Lily - A tomboyish Indian girl that John starts to fall in love with.
  • Tinkerbell - A fairy and one of Peter's companions.
  • Curly - The leader of the Lost Boys during Peter's absence.
  • Slightly - One of the Lost Boys who is an inventor.
  • Tootles - One of the Lost Boys.


Captain Hook and crew
Captain Hook and crew
  • Captain Hook - The main villain.
  • Smee - An old pirate that serves under Captain Hook, but is too kind to be a pirate.
  • Bill - The leader of the pirates when Hook is not around, and one of the strongest.
  • Alf - Another pirate.
  • Starkey - A cowardly pirate.
  • Robert - Pirate in charge of Hook's artillery.
  • Cecco - Pirate very well trained in the use of knives. The Shortest Pirate He later betrays Captain Hook.
  • Princess Luna - A Princess of Darkness with a dark and powerful alter-ego.
  • Sinistra - The evil Queen of Darkness who serves as the main antagonist later on in the series. She has three henchmen that help her.


This is a list of the episodes. The airdate is based on its original airdate in Japan. Both the English and Japanese titles are listed.

01 Who is Peter Pan? 早く来て!みんなの憧れピーターパン 1989-01-15

Siblings Wendy, John and Michael have the same dream about a scary captain of the pirates named Hook and a strange flying boy named Peter Pan who saves them. The three children live a rather monotonous life in late 19th century London, going to school, and sneaking laughs about their father at breakfast, but Peter Pan begins to infiltrate their life. They ask their mother about him, and go on a search in the library. They soon come to the conclusion that Peter Pan really exists and appears only to children—fading away from adults’ memories. They start leaving their nursery window open, even though it is winter. Peter Pan indeed visit their room, but all three are asleep despite efforts to keep awake. Nana, the canine nursemaid, bites off the shadow of the intruder. Wendy wakes up, and frantically hides the strange object in a drawer. Peter Pan must return for his shadow, Wendy reasons, and she and her brothers eagerly await the next evening. Later in the day, Mr. Darling becomes angry with Nana and ties her up outside before leaving with his wife to a party. The children are alone... and excited.

02 We can fly! ランドへGo!Go!Go! 1989-01-15

Peter Pan indeed comes looking for his shadow, helped by his faithful fairy Tinkerbell. Wendy wakes up when he starts making a racket, pulling almost all the clothes out of her closet. He is very happy to find it, but cannot reattach it to himself. Tink offers to help with a bar of soap, but even this powerful substance (he he) cannot keep it attached. Peter is completely devastated and starts bawling, until Wendy approaches him. She sews it back on, and the boy gives her an acorn necklace as thanks. Wendy gives him a kiss, but this infuriates Tinkerbell (Tink stays angry at Wendy for about 10 more episodes). Peter teaches the Darlings to fly and takes them to Neverland

03 Neverland 海賊が出た!夢と冒険の国ネバーランド 1989-01-22

Wendy, John and Michael arrive in Neverland. Before Peter can take them home, Hook begins firing cannons at him. As Wendy heads after Tinkerbell to the tree house, the fairy tells the lost boys to shoot the ‘Wendybird’ down. Tootles hits her, realizes that he has shot down a girl, and faces Peter’s wrath (...well, it’s about as angry as Peter ever gets). It turns out that Wendy is unharmed, however, because the arrow hit straight into the acorn necklace Peter gave her. The Darlings slowly become accustomed to living in the tree house, while the lost boys are mesmerized by how a good a mother Wendy is. Neverland seems all fun and games, until the pirates get close to the tree house at night. The lost boys prepare to defend themselves, but Peter has the territory covered.

04 The Crocodiles clock 登場!時計ワニはフック船長の友だち? 1989-01-29

John and Michael attempt to fly once again (unsuccessfully), and are saved by Peter just before they hit the ground. After wards, the Darlings and Lost Boys go looking for mermaids. After hours of waiting for the girls to appear, Slightly, Curly and John go looking for more adventure someplace else (preferably having to do with pirates). Upon their leaving the mermaids take Michael and Wendy down into the water, and, being the only one else present, Tootles dives down and saves them. At the tree house, Tootles shows them a cute little raccoon named Rascal. Meanwhile, John gets his first look at the pirates-- and gets caught by them, along with Curly and Slightly. On the ship, Captain Hook appears for the first time and puts John up on a plank high above the water. Before he gets to laugh, Peter appears. Unable to fly away, with his friends held hostage and Hook coming at him with a sword, there seems to be no chance for Peter to get away alive. But fortunately for him, this episode also includes the first appearance of the ticking crocodile.

05 What's a Sewing Machine? フック船長はミシンの音が大嫌い! 1989-02-05

While Peter ‘modestly’ presents his flying abilities to John and Michael, Tink decides to prove to the two gullible boys that Peter can also turn day to night. After Tink persuades them to close their eyes, Peter hangs a blanket above them. It doesn’t take long for John to understand the prank that was played on him, but when he does come out from under the covers, Wendy is already enraged. After the lost boys fight over who gets to bring the blanket to her to stitch it up, Wendy tells them about a marvelous machine that makes sewing easy and quick. Slightly instantly goes to try building the contraption with Curly, but neither of them knows what such a machine even looks like. They really lose hope after Wendy inadvertently tells them that a sewing machine can’t be made solely from wood. But Slightly is determined. Meanwhile, Hook gets very irritated by Smee’s off-key singing about mothers as he is sewing—mothers being a touchy emotional subject for the captain. Smee is sequestered off to shore to continue his chore, which presents Slightly and Curly with the perfect opportunity to see a sewing machine in action. But although Smee is more grandfather than pirate, Hook’s crew arrive on shore just as the two lost boys get comfortable.

06 John Joins the Pirates ジョンの初恋?おてんば娘現れる 1989-02-12

John is sick and tired of doing chores in the treehouse, and complains about having to wash the floor while Peter Pan amuses himself all day. He decides to join the pirates, on a whimsical suggestion from Tinkerbell. As he heads towards the ship he meets the Indian girl Tiger Lily (in a rather violent encounter hehe). She offers to present him to the Captain. On the pirate ship, Hook has sent off all the pirates to shore to celebrate his mother’s birthday in peace. When John boards the ship, Hook is less than pleased with the aspiring buccaneer, and assigns him to wash the deck (John is apparently destined for cleaning jobs). Tiger Lily, who has sneaked unto the ship after John, suddenly attacks Hook from behind with a knife intending to kill him. Luckily for Hook, Cecco returns and distracts the girl enough for Hook to subdue her. Tiger Lily, and John as her conspirator, are cast into the man-made sandpit for their insolence. Only Peter Pan can save them from here, but he does it without even flying.

07 The Magical Neverbird Egg ウェンディ頑張る!卵は誰にも渡さない 1989-02-19

Early one morning, Wendy follows Peter to see something new he has found. Beyond the flying crystals and the source of the rainbow, Peter brings Wendy to the Neverbird’s nest. The boy wants to give it to Wendy as a present, but she refuses after finding out that the Neverbird laid one egg only every three years. Offended, Peter flies away, leaving Wendy with the egg. Soon, Tiger Lily comes looking for the egg, but Wendy hides it in the most unexpected place so that even the pirates could not find it. Hook also wants the egg, to eat it and fulfill his desire for eternal youth. When the pirates see smoke up in the mountain from the girls’ campfire, Hook goes up with Smee to investigate. Will Peter appear at the last minute, or will Tiger Lily and Wendy be caught with the egg?

08 The Clock 作戦開始!時計ワニを笑わせろ! 1989-02-26

Wendy wishes she had a clock in order to organize her household. Peter Pan immediately suggests extracting the clock inside the ticking crocodile. The ensuing silliness results in Capt. Hook losing his wardrobe, the crocodile being subjected to a Hook “puppet show,” and a firing of projectiles full of laughing gas into the poor croc’s jaws. Meanwhile, Hook is sure Peter’s reason for trying to remove the clock is to eliminate the warning sound of the crocodile’s approach, and starts getting a little psychotic.

09 Every Day is aBirthday ネバーランドの法律?毎日が誕生日だ! 1989-03-05

After celebrating Michael’s birthday, Peter Pan declares every day everyone’s birthday, and gives Wendy the task of baking five cakes for the occasion. Wendy complies only because she thinks this will make Peter happy. Peter, however, soon forgets all about his decision, and brushes her efforts off as an unimportant trifle compared to the new exciting adventure he just had. Wendy gets very angry and locks herself up in the attic. John advises Peter to apologize, but this is something the boy can’t imagine doing in any circumstances. When the two do talk, the situation only gets worse, and Wendy announces she wants to leave Neverland and runs out into the woods. Peter is chased out of the tree house by a mutinous band of Lost Boys and is left to grapple with his conflicting self-pride and friendship to Wendy. A sacrifice of this pride must be made to get Wendy back, and piranhas only complicate the situation.

10 John Falls in Love 怪しげな行動!ジョンを尾行しろ 1989-03-12

John wants to pursue a relationship with Tiger Lily and is interested in meeting her father. Only after being invited to her village, does he find out that the Chief is a frightening man. John is extremely nervous the next day, but when he finally meets the Chief he learns that Tiger Lily’s father is a friendly, albeit imposing, man with a knack for singing British songs.

11 Mother Hook's Picture 新兵器!水陸両用シンデレラの馬車? 1989-03-19

As Wendy is telling the story of Cinderella to the Lost Boys one night, they ask what a stepmother looks like. Since there are no old people in Neverland, Peter resorts to stealing the Hook’s treasured portrait of his mother to show them an old woman. Hook is furious when he finds the picture missing, and blames it all on Cecco who fell asleep on the watch as usual. The pirates all sympathize with their fellow pirate, and guess that it was only Peter Pan who could (or would) steal the portrait. They fail in their attempts to catch Peter, but they take Michael, and soon Wendy, prisoners. Peter Pan has no choice but to give himself up, and everything looks pretty hopeless for a moment. Meanwhile, Slightly and Curly have been trying to build what they think is the carriage from the Cinderella story as a gift for Wendy, and this device happens to come in very handy in the dire situation.

12 Scary Stories 海賊も逃げる?マイケルの恐い話! 1989-03-26

It rains all day, and everyone in the tree house is bored to tears. Peter Pan suggests a game of telling scary stories. Meanwhile, Alf and Robert are caught in the rain and accidentally discover both the tree house and the secret entrance into it. They are soon hiding behind furniture, getting just as scared of Peter’s story as John and the Lost Boys are. Wendy, hoping to scare Peter out of his pants, decides to load the deck and enlists Michael’s help in creating a ghostly apparition. Both Peter and Wendy get more than they’d bargained for in the end.

13 Captured by Captain Hook 救出作戦開始!ピーターパンを助けろ 1989-04-16

Captain Hook’s lifelong wish comes true when he suddenly manages to catch Peter Pan. Wishing to inflict cruel and unusual punishment, Hook decides to feed Peter to the crocodile as an ultimate revenge on his nemesis. The crocodile fails to show up near the pirate ship for some time, however, giving Wendy and the Lost Boys a chance to try to rescue Peter. This plan ultimately fails, and Hook decides to give the boy the traditional beheading, but his plan is thwarted at the last second by a mysterious woman.

14 Brave Little Michael スノルム山の悪夢とマイケルの勇気

One day Wendy is found sick in bed, and Peter goes to the Chief for help. Although the Chief does not desire to help him (because Peter played some annoying prank on him just the other day), Tiger Lily gives him a plant that should be boiled and drunk as medicine. But by the time he arrives, forgetful Peter does not remember what the Chief’s daughter had instructed him to do with the plant, so he makes up some foolish directions-- water it for a thousand days until fruit starts growing on it. Michael knows Wendy would suffer for a long time before the plant was ready, so he decides to get ice to lower her high fever. He sets out with Tink for Ice Mountain, far away from home. All would have gone well, if Starkey and Alf hadn’t crossed the little traveler’s path. They too were getting ice for their sick Captain. When Michael comes back with the ice and snow in a jar, the heartless buccaneers snatch it from his very hands and walk away. Michael is left crying in the desert land. But Peter would avenge Michael, and both of them would cure Wendy.

15 Cecco the Traitor フックを裏切れ!海賊をやめたチェッコ

Annoyed by Cecco’s unreliability at staying awake at the watch, Hook decides to put him in the man-made sandpit of death. After the pirates leave, Peter saves Cecco by catching him in mid-air as he falls through the bottom. When Peter returns to the tree house, the pathetic buccaneer comes trudging along with a white flag of truce. It turns out that he wants to become a lost ‘boy’, and surprisingly, Peter allows him to join. However, John has his doubts. Innocently mopping the floors by day, and telling secrets to the pirates at night, Cecco manages to pass as one of Peter’s band- but for how long?

16 Snow White Wendy ウェンディ怒る!ピーターパンて大嫌い

Peter’s band is having fun with giant lizards in a meadow- that is, everyone except John who faints three times. All the while, Wendy is annoyed by Peter’s behavior in not keeping his promise to pick flowers with her. Before she knows it, Alf and Starkey catch her and take her on their boat. On their long journey back to Hook’s ship, Starkey takes out a letter his sister had somehow mailed him. Starkey has such literacy problems that Wendy decides to read it to him and the teary-eyed Alf. She also starts telling them the story of Snow White when the letter mentions it, because the pirates do not recognize such a tale. But after some time, the current begins to get rougher and faster, and Alf notices the waterfall up ahead. Starkey lassos a branch extending from a floating island and they are saved, while the boat is smashed between rocks. Once on land, Wendy finishes the story and is offered a strange fruit from Starkey as a sign of friendship, which Alf immediately criticizes as ‘too nice’. Instantly, Wendy falls into a deep endless sleep, while the two pirates are left confused and helpless. When Peter arrives, though, Tink recognizes the fruit and claims there is an antidote that must be drunk by the victim before sunrise. But if Peter doesn’t make it before sunrise, Wendy will remain asleep forever...

17 John Can't Sleep ジョンが眠れない!眠りの精を捕まえろ

Wendy wakes up and finds an irritated John counting sheep with circles under his eyes from lack of sleep. He hasn’t slept the entire night and gets annoyed very easily. Then Peter remembers the strange music he once heard on Hook’s ship that caused everyone to fall asleep instantly. Later, Smee tells Peter that the music was no spirit, but the Captain’s harpsichord. He sneaks Peter onto Hook’s ship and shows him the forbidden instrument. But when Peter starts playing so loudly (and out of tune) that Hook comes barging in, Smee (being very, very nice) takes the blame so that Peter can escape. But the Captain is not deceived, and he makes an ingenious trap, so that if one should play a certain key on his harpsichord, the seat blows up. Wendy tries fooling Peter into thinking that John has fallen asleep, so that he wouldn’t go back for the harpsichord and get into any more trouble, but she fails. Peter is determined to get John to sleep, but most importantly: to annoy Hook.

18 Tootles Faces Fear 勇気を示せトートルズ!海賊の旗を奪え

When Tootles takes a flower for Wendy, he almost causes his friends to fall from a floating island, and each of them, including Peter, are angry with him. They decide to leave him at home when they go on their adventures, and only Wendy is by his side. Then, when Tink introduces the idea of capturing Hook’s flag to prove he is worthy to participate in Peter’s adventures, Tootles and Wendy set off for the Captain’s ship. When they get there, they find the flag gone from the mast, and decide to follow Smee on his rowboat. It happens that when Smee finished washing the flag, it accidentally tore, and the old pirate fled to shore to try to sew it up. But, when Tootles and Wendy arrive, he sees his chance to give his guilt away. Unfortunately, just as the two are leaving with their trophy, they are caught by the pirates. Hook sees this as an opportunity to use Wendy as bait to catch his nemesis. But somehow, Tootles manages to ruin the Captain’s plan just enough to save Peter and Wendy.

19 Mystery of the missing ship フックの決意!消えた海賊船の謎?

Under the rains of the black clouds that circle above, Hook takes his ship up into his castle. He looks among his most treasured possessions, and finds his cloak missing. Smee then admits that he was taking it out to dry, and that he could not find it since. Hook bursts into a fury that shakes the whole castle. Meanwhile, the lost boys are happily playing with the cloak, while Wendy worries that all this fun could cause much trouble. Peter Pan decides to bring back the cloak just to please Wendy, but is very surprised to find the pirate ship missing from the bay. Peter decides to wait for the ship to return. Back at the tree house, Wendy is proved right when the pirates come heavily armed with Hook’s most powerful explosives, cannons, and swords. Although the Lost Boys fight with all their might, the pirates still overcome their tree house. Alf grabs hold of Wendy as a hostage and it seems there is no hope left; but no firearm or blade can withstand the Lost Boys’ secret weapon: Peter Pan.

20 Wendy Disappears 絶対絶命!ウェンディが霧の谷に消えた

However Captain is not giving up this time, he wants Wendy to be his and he wants the Lost Boys out of Neverland. His weapon to trick Wendy is Tinkerbell, his weapon to destroy the Lost Boys is a huge enormous cannon, which won't do any good to their tree house

21 Save Wendy ウェンディを救え!命をかけたティンク

Things are looking very bad, the tree house is destroyed, Wendy is captured and Peter Pan is trapped. The Lost Boys need all their power to save them and get help from Tiger Lily. Tinkerbell feels very guilty about what she did and is prepared to suffer her life for Peter's sake.

22 Hook's Secret Weapon 秘密兵器始動!フック船長最後の切り札

Hook reveals his huge robot ‘One-Eye’, fully equipped with cannons, iron fists, and a big bright searchlight. Peter is scared out of his wits at first, but when Smee mysteriously turns on all the lights, including the lantern, in which Wendy has been trapped, he has lost all his fear. Hook tries to crush him and shoot him, but misses and almost hits Wendy. This is where the Captain takes her up in the metal clutches of his robot and rides after Peter, crushing everything beneath him- including a water pipe. The pirates and Lost Boys see the giant spiked wheel of Hook’s secret weapon break through the ceiling and fall. Somehow, Hook manages to steer the robot out and into the mountain where he breaks the stone wall with the fist in which Wendy is held. She is suspended far above the sea, and with one pull of a string, the Captain can have her fall. Tootles tries to get his hot-air balloon close enough to save Wendy, but fails. The Lost Boys start tearing the robot apart, but this makes it lose hold of Wendy. She falls and it looks like Peter has to fly faster than sound to save her.

23 Where is Tinks home? 謎が深まる!ティンクの故郷を探せ 1989-07-09

The whole first half is a huge, somewhat grotesque, fight scene. At last when Hook rams his mechanical sword into a boulder and sinks with it, Peter reverses the dark clouds that hover around the castle to make them disappear. The light pierces through every crack and doorway, and the mountain crashes down into the sea- crushing Hook’s ship. When Peter’s band returns to their demolished house, Tiger Lily tells them that Tink has disappeared. Even the Chief does not know where she has gone, but he advises them to go to the Memory Bird who lives on top of the Rain Giant. Peter and Wendy have difficulty finding anything out from this Memory Bird, and moreover they must get off the Rain Giant before it disappears.

24 The Princess of Darkness 恐ろしい黒マントの集団と謎の美少女!

The evil shadows of the revived black mirror turns the part of Neverland the adventures took place in a wasteland. All live seems to be gone, in the mean time the Lost Boys build a multifunctional moving cottage boat to replace their destroyed tree house. Their first mission is to look for Tinkerbell, their second mission is to stop the treat of darkness too. They meet Luna, the Princess of Darkness , the granddaughter from Sinistra the powerful witch who is the power behind the dark forces. Sinistra's three henchmen pursue Luna who stole an amulet from her grandmother. Luna spends some time with the now traveling company who do not fully trust her yet. The way to the valley of the Elves seems to be harder dan it looks with these new enemies around.

25 Welcome Back Tink! お帰りティンク!妖精の国はふしぎな国

The traveling boat of the Peter and his band have reached the valley of the Elves now. However their boat has a hard time riding over a variety of different landscapes. Peter remembers Luna's transportation which has a flying stone. In the middle of the night Slightly and Curly sneak out to look for this kind of stone, but. In the mean time Sinistra's henchmen continue to pursue Wendy and the Lost boys, although only when Peter Pan is away for a second. Will he be in time to save them? Will they find the flying stone and more importantly will they find Tinkerbell?

26 The Return of Captain Hook 復活フック船長!空飛ぶ海賊船建造計画

Luna sneaks into the boat to retrieve the amulet she hid there earlier, however she is caught by the Lost Boys who bind her up a tree. Wendy releases her and talks with Luna about her background and her grandmother. In the meantime the pirates found their way to this area too and they heard rumors about a powerful Amulet which they want to steal also. Sinistra henchmen still wants the same. In the meantime Captain Hook has returned and resides temporarily in the Ship Graveyard and has ambitious plans to build a new ship. And these two different enemies are giving Luna and Wendy a hard time. Will be Peter Pan in time to save them?

27 A Knight to Remember ジョンの憧れ!木馬に乗った騎

Peter and his band have an encounter with a lonesome brave Knight named Don Malaprop. He tells them he defeated Captain Hook. Captain Hook, pretty much a live is not very amused by these rumours and seeks revenge. In the mean time John wants to be a knight too and goes out with Don Malaprop while the pirates are looking for them...

28 Wendy Becomes a Devil 悪魔になったウェンディ

Wendy and Luna a kidding by the others by switching their clothes. Sinistra orders her henchmen to put on the Devil's bracelet around Luna's arm, who will probably return to her grandmother. However the henchmen mistake Wendy for Luna and give the bracelet to the wrong person. Wendy gets a very evil and aggressive personality and doesn't remember who she is, Luna feels very guilty, but can't remember if there's a cure...

29 Take Courage and Fly! 妖精プシケ!勇気を出して飛びたて

Peter meets Penelope, an infant flower fairy who is unable to fly after her mother died. Penelope quickly sees Peter Pan as her mother, which makes him feel very uncomfortable. The other fairies have to leave her behind because otherwise they will all die. This leaves Peter, Wendy and the others to the difficult task to teach her how to fly.

30 The Devil's Sea 浮上開始!フックの空飛ぶ海賊船

The boat seems to have driven off in the middle of the night, Peter and his band are stuck now on an island. The can't escape because a huge fire-spitting monster fish burns everything that crosses the sea between the island and the shore. When it seems they're able to escape a very powerful flying new pirate ship appears with Captain Hook on the deck ordering his pirates to load the cannon....

31 Peter Can't Fly 夢がない!飛べなくなったピーターパン

Peter, Wendy and the others decide to set up their camp just before a scary dead forest. In the mean time, John who once again wants to prove how brave he is, wants to explore the forest on his own. Michael follows him, they find some interesting fruit, John swallows some. When they get back Peter eats the fruit too, John becomes very agitated, forgetful and doesn't want to live with the other anymore. Peter drops to the ground on a sudden and realizes he cannot fly anymore. Luna comes by and tells them the fruit is rotten by Sinistra Black Mirror. John and Peter separately get lost in the forest with an evil wildlife.

32 Mystery of the White Mirror 海賊と一緒に探せ, 白い鏡の謎

The band is fed up with the effect of Sinistra's Black Mirror which seems to destroys all of Neverland, even though the process is stopped by the missing amulet. Luna remembers the Black Mirrors power might be broken by a White Mirror. Cecco and Bill try to eavesdrop them, but Wendy sees them and they pretend not to have seen the pirates. Peter loudly shouts that they are going to look for the White Mirror Treasure, wanting the pirates to look for it. However Captain Hook suspects something and is planning to reverse the roles.

33 Luna's Destiny

The band decides to capture one of Sinistra's henchmen to ask them about the white mirror. They suspect the plan and capture Wendy, they trade her with Luna. Peter pursues them but is distracted by Captain Hook who suddenly appears. Luna is brought at her grandmother Sinistra who tells her that running away is useless and it's time she faces her destiny: to become the new queen of darkness. Sinistra locates the location of the amulet by using her Black Mirror, seeing Rascal playing with it. She orders her henchmen to capture Rascal. The henchmen think they succeeded and run away with Peter Pan following them, however Captain Hook appears and wants the back with Rascal (which is in fact a dummy). The terrified Henchmen give it to him and fly the scene. Peter follows them again and then they meet Luna from the opposite direction seeming to destroy Peter Pan...

34 The Ghost Train 汽笛が聞こえる?幽霊機関車を探せ!

Sinistra's henchmen go to Captain Hook for his help in capturing Luna and the Amulet. He approves but locks them up also. Luna is depressed and to cheer her up John wants to show her a train. They all heard the sound of a train but can't find it. In the mean time Peter taunts the pirates by saying he is looking for a train. Captain Hook now want that train before Peter Pan finds it. John and Luna locates 'the train' and are quite surprised, however the pirates appear and capture Luna.

35 Key to the Black Mirror 強敵!手を組んだフックとダークネス

Peter and Wendy try to find Luna and end up in an area of Elves who are befriended with Tink. Hook seeks revenge to these elves who taunted him and meets Sinistra. He delivers Luna to her and the two form an alliance against Peter, Wendy and the Lost Boys. Sinistra gives him a magic torch to do so, in return his pirates capture Rascal for her. Still the amulet is the thin they need and Rascal doesn't have it anymore.

36 John gives up 冒険中止?みんなの胸がドキドキ痛い!

Peter and Wendy go out look for a clue of the road to the Castle of Darkness, leaving the Lost Boys behind in the Elven area. They are quickly attacked by the pirates who steal the amulet and capture Tinkerbell. Tootles, Slightly and Curly weren't around when it happened and especially Curly blames John. All of them start to fight, when Peter stops the fight John realizes he can't stand the way they're living now and he gives up, the rest of boys follow. In the mean time Wendy gets lost and encounters a strange Stone Token. Will they be able to go on with their task to save their friends and Neverland?

37 The Secret Passage is Found! 史上最大の迷路!ダークネス城への道 1989-11-19

After an exhausting journey to different heights they finally get to the passage to the area of the Castle of Darkness. However finding the passage is just one thing, opening it is something different. Hook is making plans to conquer Sinistra's Castle while setting sail to her.

38 The Dread Locked Black Mirror 黒い鏡始動!ネバーランドが大ピンチ 1989-12-03

The Pirates plan an attack on the Castle of Darkness, Peter tries to free Luna. They both discover that Sinistra's powers are noting to play with. Sinistra is performing her final plan with Luna.

39 Evil Overcomes Luna フックの野望!ダークネス城を乗っ取れ 1989-12-10

A seemingly brainwashed Luna is the queen of Darkness now and she is mislead by Captain Hook that Peter Pan is her worst enemy. Luna wants to destroy Neverland in a greater proportion than Sinistra and she seems more powerful too. Would it be possible to break through to her? Especially with Captain Hook and his pirates around?

40 Neverland Will be Destroyed 最後の決戦!ピーターパン対フック船長 1989-12-17

The Lost Boys enter the Castle of Darkness too, which the pirates are trying to prevent. In the mean time a battle arises between Luna, Captain Hook and Peter Pan. Luna summons a huge Black Knight to fight Peter Pan, Captain Hook decided to take the matters in his own hand.

41 Farewell Neverland さよならピーターパン!夢と冒険の国 1989-12-24

Wendy and Luna are fallen through Black Mirror and disappeared inside. In the mean time Captain Hook has Luna's scepter and starts using magic tricks. He and Peter are ready for battle. Inside the Mirror thing are getting tensed as well. Will Peter and the Lost boys be able to defeat Captain Hook? Will Wendy be able to escape the Black Mirror? Will they succeed in putting the forces of Darkness to an end?


  • Opening Theme: "Mōichido Pita Pan [もう一度ピーターパン] (Again Peter Pan)" by Yūyu (eps. 1-41)
  • Ending Theme: "Yume yo Hirake Goma! [夢よ開けゴマ!] (I Dream, Open Sesame!)" by Yūyu (eps. 1-40)
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