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Peter Pan and the Only Children

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cover of Peter Pan and the Only Children
cover of Peter Pan and the Only Children

Peter Pan and the Only Children is a book by Scottish writer Gilbert Adair, published in 1987, just as the copyright to the Barrie's work was expiring in the United Kingdom. It is written and presented in a format similar to Peter and Wendy, with bound-in color illustrations by Jenny Thorne. It has Peter living with a different gang of Lost Boys under the ocean, recruiting "only children" (i.e. those with no siblings) who jump from passing ships, including the newest: 10-year-old Miranda Porter. They have adventures under the sea, including a duel with Captain Hook which ends indecisively. The narrator suggests at the end that perhaps this is a prequel to the adventure with Wendy Darling, or they take place without sequence, but the book itself contains enough references to the Barrie story in the past that sequel seems the appropriate label.

The book was Adair's follow-up to Alice through the Needle's Eye, a sequel to the Alice in Wonderland stories.

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