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Disney's mermaids
Disney's mermaids

Mermaids appear in Peter and Wendy and in adaptations of the story. Their portrayal varies, sometimes matching the happy fantasy of pretty women with fish tails, and in others the dark legend of creatures that try to drown humans.

The Mermaids live in the lagoon. They enjoy the company of Peter Pan but seem malevolent towards anybody else, including the fairies. In J.M Barrie's world mermaids are dark and dangerous creatures. They lounge around in the Mermaid Lagoon without a care in the world. This is also the location of Marooner's Rock. It is not safe for mortals to visit Mermaid Lagoon at night.

Three mermaids appear briefly in the 1991 film Hook where they save Peter, now known as Peter Banning, from drowning after he was accidently knocked off of the Jolly Roger.

In the 2003 film, the mermaids are slippery, gray-white-skin creatures with black eyes and fish-like bodies. They speak in clicks, which Peter understands. When Peter and Wendy consult them for information about John and Michael, one of them tries to drag Wendy into the water, but is stopped by Peter.

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