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Films based on Peter Pan

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Peter Pan has inspired numerous films. These included fairly direct adaptations, creative reinterpretations, movies inspired by the story, sequels to the original story, and a series of spin-offs. Only one feature film was personally authorized by J. M. Barrie (the 1924 silent film); four later films (Disney's, Hook, Return to Neverland, and Hogan's) were authorized by Great Ormond Street Hospital. The Tinker Bell direct-to-DVD films are also authorized by GOSH.

To date


There's been talk about adaptations of either Peter and the Starcatchers or Peter Pan in Scarlet, and no doubt "option" money has changed hands and treatments written, but there's been no word of any commitments to carry through.

Filmmaker Larry Clark – best known for his films about teen sexuality – stated in 2006 that he was working on Blood of Pan, in which the characters would be living in contemporary New York City.

In 2006 New Line Cinema bought a script entitled Pan from screenwriter Ben Magid, which casts Peter as a psychopathic killer stalked by a John McClane-style police captain named Hook.


The story has also been the basis of several ongoing TV series.

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