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Darling family

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The Darling family includes the children whom Peter Pan brings with him as visitors to Neverland.

George and Mary have three children:

In the 2003 film, the children have an Aunt Millicent who takes an interest in their upbringing.

In Return to Neverland, Wendy has a husband Edward and they have two children:

In An Afterthought, Barrie mentions that Jane eventually has a daughter named Margaret. In Hook, she is called Moira, and Peter falls in love with her and chooses to grow up and marry her. Her children, Wendy's great-grandchildren, are Jack and Maggie.

In the novel The Lost Girls, Wendy had a daughter Jane (who has gone missing), and a granddaughter Margaret (who goes by "Maggie"). Maggie married Dudley Braverman and has a daughter also named Wendy. Wendy in turn has a daughter named Berry, with her husband Freeman.

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