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Characters of Peter Pan

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The works of J. M. Barrie about Peter Pan feature many memorable characters. The numerous adaptations and sequels to those stories feature many of the same characters, and introduce new ones. Most of these strive for continuity with Barrie's work, developing a fairly consistent cast of characters living in Neverland and the real-world settings of Barrie's stories.


Peter Pan

  • Peter Pan - All children grow up, except this one.

Darling family

  • Wendy Darling - A girl who befriends Peter Pan, and whom he takes with him to Neverland to be a mother for himself and the Lost Boys.
  • John Darling - The middle child of the Darlings.
  • Michael Darling - The youngest of the Darling children.
  • George Darling - The father of Wendy, John, and Michael; a bank clerk.
  • Mary Darling - The mother of Wendy, John, and Michael.
  • Nana - The Darling family's nurse, who cares for the children. She is a dog.
  • Liza - The maid girl at Darling house.


  • Captain James Hook - Peter Pan's greatest adversary. He swears revenge on Peter for cutting off his hand and feeding it to a giant crocodile.
  • Smee - Captain Hook's right-hand man, the most prominent of the Hook's crew in every presentation of the story.
  • Gentleman Starkey - First mate on the Jolly Roger' also called "Gentleman Starkey" because of his impeccable manners. He used to be an usher in a public school and is described as "still dainty in his ways of killing." He is the only pirate apart from Smee to survive the final battle, being captured by the Indians and forced to be a babysitter for them. He is also the only one of Hook's pirates apart from Smee who returns in Peter Pan in Scarlet, now happily in charge of a large group of extremely well-mannered child pirates (the children he was watching for the Indians; he taught them manners and then taught them piracy). He was one of the pirates who made up Hook's much smaller crew in the Fox animated series. Here, he was a foppish French pirate who wielded a rapier.
  • Ed Teynte - Hook's quartermaster.
  • Bill Jukes - Every inch of his body tattooed. Second pirate to be killed by Peter in the final battle. In Fox's animated series, he was instead a teenaged boy from India named Billy Jukes, an inventive lad who was the ship's gunner, responsible for maintaining "Long Tom", a cannon stylized to resemble a white tiger.
  • Cecco - A pirate of Italian descent.
  • Cookson - Said to be Black Murphy's brother, though this was never proven. One of the pirates in the Fox animated series, he was portrayed as the ship's (extremely bad) cook, given the first name Eucrates and was apparently of Greek origin, as he spoke with a very thick accent.
  • Noodler - His hands are fixed on backwards.
  • Skylights - Immediately being killed by Hook for accidentally bumping against him and ruffling his lace collar.
  • Alf Mason - So ugly his own mother sold him for a bottle of Muscat. However, in Peter and the Starcatchers, Alf is a not a pirate serving Hook but is a sailor who befriends Peter, James, Tubby Ted, Prentiss and Thomas. Alf later dies during Hook's attack on the Indians. In Peter Pan & The Pirates, Alf Mason was the ship's carpenter and general strongman.
  • Black Pirate - Gigantic and has had many names that still terrify children on the banks of the Guadjo-mo.
  • Robert Mullins - The last pirate killed by Peter before his duel with Hook. In the animated series, Robert Mullins was the last of the crew of Captain Hook, a superstitious American who hailed from Brooklyn and was something of a father figure to Billy Jukes.
  • George Scourie - One of the pirates killed in the battle with the Indians.
  • Charles Turely - Another pirate killed in the battle, fell to the Great Panther's tomahawk.
  • Foggerty - An Alsatian, the fourth pirate to die in the battle.


Tinker Bell - A companion to Peter Pan at the time of his adventures with Wendy Darling, loyal only to him.

Lost Boys

The Lost Boys are a gang of boys who fell out of their prams and were not claimed by their parents, so they were sent to Neverland. There have been many Lost Boys over the years, although the most known are Tootles, Nibs, Curly, Slightly, and The Twins, who all appear in the original story. Additional or different Lost Boys appear in sequels, prequels and adaptations.


  • Piccanniny tribe - The Indians who appeared in Barrie's original play were based on the native peoples of North America.
  • Mollusk tribe - The Indians in the Starcatcher books.
  • Scorpion tribe - A dangerous group in the Starcatcher books who uses poison as their main weapon.


Jane (her last name is not given) is the daughter of Wendy Darling and appears briefly in most versions of the story as the one to follow Peter to Neverland after Wendy has grown up and lost the ability to fly. Jane plays a major role in Return to Neverland, where she is portrayed as a cynical, down-to-earth girl who has grown up too fast thanks to living in London during the Blitz, and refuses to believe her mother's stories about Peter Pan. In the movie, she is mistaken for her mother by Captain Hook, who kidnaps her in a scheme to get Peter. Unlike Wendy, she is not interested in playing "mother" for the Lost Boys and spends most of her time in Neverland wanting to leave. Jane eventually marries and has a daughter, called Margaret in Barrie's original story and called Moira in Hook. In Barrie's original story, Peter flies away with Margaret and "thus it will go on," meaning Peter will come for each of Wendy's female descendants when they are young, and he never grows up. However, in the film Hook, Moira eventually marries Peter Pan, they grow up, and have two children: Jack and Maggie.

Jane's family

Wendy is Jane's mother. She is Wendy Darling, grown up, and entertains her children with stories about her adventures with Peter Pan.

Danny (Daniel) is Jane's little brother in Disney's Return to Never Land, who first appears at the beginning of as an infant, and is a pre-schooler in most of the scenes he appears in. He believes entirely in his mother's stories about Peter Pan. He is very similar to his uncle Michael (from the original Disney film adaptation), even to wearing footed-pajamas, (although Danny's are pale green, instead of Michael's pale pink ones). In Barrie's original story, Jane is an only child.

Edward is the husband of the adult Wendy in Return to Never Land, and the father of Jane and Danny. He is called to serve in the British military at the beginning of Return to Never Land, and returns at the end of the film. He is depicted as a warm and caring man. In Barrie's original story, Wendy's husband is mentioned only once and remains unnamed.

The Bannings

Peter Banning is Peter Pan, grown up. When he fell in love with Moira, he abandoned his eternal youth. He was adopted by an American couple named Banning, and forgot about his life as Peter Pan. He appears in Hook, played by Robin Williams.

Moira Banning is the Granddaughter of Wendy Darling and is the wife of Peter Banning. In Barrie's original story her name is Margaret and she does not marry Peter Pan.

Jack Banning is the son of Peter and Moira Banning.

Maggie Banning is the daughter of Peter and Moira Banning.

Molly Aster

Molly Aster is one of the main characters of the three Starcatchers novels. She has striking green eyes and golden brown hair. She is the daughter of famous Starcatcher Leonard Aster and his wife, Louise Aster, and is therefore a Starcatcher by blood and very wealthy. She is very headstrong and stubborn. She constantly squabbles with friends and even her father, whom she respects and admires. She is also very brave and thoughtful, and seems to have a good grasp on her inherited Starcatcher powers. She wears a locket filled with Starstuff at all times.

She has a romantic attraction to both Peter and young George Darling. She and Peter catch each others' eye almost immediately after boarding the ship The Never Land in P&SC. But his decision to stay on Mollusk Island at the end of P&SC and the arrival of George in P&ST, combined with the fact that she is growing older while he is not, complicates her feelings for him. In P&SR, she and Peter have many arguments, though they part on good terms (with their mutual first kiss) and she makes him promise to visit her. Her feelings toward her childhood friend George grow warmer after she calls on him for help in P&ST. She responds to George's maturity compared to Peter, and treats him with greater respect.

Her relationships with Peter, George Darling, Tinker Bell, and the mermaids are all consistent with her being Wendy's mother, a conclusion confirmed in the forthcoming Peter and the Sword of Mercy. She is called "Molly" rather than "Mary", however "Molly" is a traditional nickname for girls named "Mary".

St. Norbert's

Mr. Grempkin Second in Command at St. Norbert's Home For Wayward Boys. He has the habit of coming up with rules as the mood strikes and clouting boys on the ear. He is also the grammar teacher.

The Headmaster's Daughter An awful girl who likes to drop spiders on the boy's heads

Prentiss A rather new boy at St. Norbert's.

James James seems to be closer to Peter then any other boy at St. Norbert's

Tubby Ted As a running gag, Tubby Ted is always hungry.

Thomas A boy from St. Norbert's

Other characters

Mermaids look typically as you would imagine, a fish tail for legs and a shell bikini and shells in their hair. They are jealous of Wendy as Peter likes her better than them.

Crocodile/Tick-Tock Hook's only nemesis besides Peter, and also the only thing for which he is mentioned as having any fear. It ate Hook's missing hand when Peter cut it from him in battle, and longs for the rest of him. Hook subsequently tricks it into swallowing an alarm clock so that he can know of the creature's approach by the ticking. While shown to be a "good" character from Peter's point of view in most pantomime productions, in animated depictions, while it clearly likes Hook's taste best, it is shown to not be above pursuing anyone else who falls in the sea. In Hook, it has been shown to have killed, stuffed, and turned into a clock by Captain Hook, but also, at the end, it was shown to have been alive, somehow, as of after he was knocked out of the clock's framework, fell on Hook, swallowed him, and belched.

Ravello See Captain Hook

Fireflyer A silly blue fairy born out of a baby's first laugh in Peter Pan in Scarlet. Like most fairies he's conceited and self-centered, but he's a devoted friend to the lost boy Slightly.

Leonard and Louise Aster The parents of Molly Aster. Leonard is an ambassador for the Queen to Rudoon. In the book Peter and the Shadow Thieves, Louise is taken captive by the others.

Lord Ombra A shadow creature from Peter and the Shadow Thieves.

Captain Nerezza A cruel captain lacking a nose who is often employed by the "Others" from Peter and the Shadow Thieves.

King Zarboff III

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