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Biographies associated with Peter Pan

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There have been numerous biographies written about J. M. Barrie and the Llewelyn Davies family.


J. M. Barrie


There's something of an overall trend to the J. M. Barrie biographies. The first, published during his life, is rather obviously laudatory. One of the latest goes very far out of its way to look for scandal. Nicholas Llewelyn Davies regarded Mackail's book as the most reliably factual.


In 1978 the BBC made a miniseries written by Andrew Birkin, The Lost Boys, starring Ian Holm as Barrie and Ann Bell as Sylvia. It dramatized the known chronology of events from his meeting of George and Jack in 1897, through Michael's death in 1921. Birkin's book expands on the film.

The Man Who Was Peter Pan is a play by Allan Knee, about Barrie and the Davies family. It served as the basis for Finding Neverland, a semi-fictional movie about them. It was released in November 2004, starring Johnny Depp as Barrie and Kate Winslet as Sylvia Llewelyn Davies. It takes liberties with the facts, alters the sequence of some events (e.g. Sylvia is already a widow when she meets Barrie), and omits Nico altogether.

The Boy James is a play produced by Belt Up Theatre of York, England in 2010.


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